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About company

Tashkent textile mill TASHTIB-TEX LLC is a leading cotton fabric manufacturer in Uzbekistan since 2007. The company manufactures 100% cotton grey and finished fabrics, as well as garments and apparel. TASHTIB-TEX LLC is a well-known digitally printed and a leading manufacturer of rotary printed, bleached and dyed fabrics. Vertically integrated production consists of a weaving factory, dyeing and finishing factories and a garments factory. We were the first in Central Asia who installed the state of the art reactive digital printing factory in 2015 with modern JP7 printer made by MS Printing Solutions Italy. Thanks to this, our company provides customers with a wide range (more than 350 varieties) of exclusive designer fabrics from 100% cotton. The wide range of fabrics manufactured - includes more than 40 different patterns on weaving and more than 2500 printing patterns of the natural fiber fabrics .Home textile production includes a wide range of products: bed clothes, pillows and blankets, overalls, uniforms, home apparel, knitwear, hosiery, etc. The company has its own branded stores “TTT”, “ECO HOME’ and “NUR” in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan, where consumers can buy fabrics and finished products.

TASHTIB-TEX LLC provides the following services:

- processing of grey fabrics up to 2,45 cm wide,

- bleaching and dyeing of cotton, rayon andother natural fiber fabrics.

- digital and rotational printing onto cotton and other natural fiber fabrics,


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TASHTIB-TEX Company is one of the largest manufactures of textile products in Uzbekistan. It was established in 2007 as a successor of the finishing department of Tashkent Textile Mill.

TASHTIB-TEX dye house and finishingwas modernized in 2010-2013 in compliance with modern requirements. Further, equipment with the Italian technology MS DIGITAL PRINT was launched for applying digital printing onto fabrics, which allows to apply a picture of any complexity.

Thanks to pro team working over 13 years, the company specializes in producing of 100% cotton grey and finished fabrics. Our production consists of a weaving department, a finishing plant and a clothing factory.

At present, the finishing plant of TASHTIB-TEX is located in the area of ​​22 000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of about 5 million meters of grey woven fabric per year, 8 million square meters of finished woven fabrics per year and 100 thousand knitwear and woven garments per month.

The range of fabrics produced by us includes more than 40 varieties in the grey and dyed woven patterns, and production of home textiles includes a wide range of products, such as: bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, pillows, overalls, uniforms, home clothes, knitwear, hosiery, etc.

In manufacturing of our products, we are guided by the principles of creating convenience and comfort for our customers. All products are made from environmentally friendly and green harmless materials. The never out of stock composes 11 varieties of grey fabric with a width of 90 cm to 2.45 meters. By client’s order, we can produce fabrics up to 3 meters wide, with a density of 100 to 200 g/m2.

Dyeing and Finishing department allows us to provide our customers with linen in bleached, dyed and printed form with a width of 90 cm to 2.20 m. As well as there is a possibility to print on a modern digital printing machine using reactive inks.

As well as, in keeping with the best traditions of the Uzbek textile industry, we remain one of the few manufacturers who keep making a wide range of national fabrics for korpacha, chapan and other national apparel, as well as ikat fabrics for apparel, furniture upholstery and interior decor.

We launched the production of more than 100 colors and 6 complete sets of bed linen under the ECO HOME and Nur brands in 2012.

The company has its own retail network of the fabric stores .

History http://www.tashtib.uz/company/history/

The history of TASHTIB-TEX is the history of continuous development and improvement of the quality of manufactured products. Since the founding of the company and over the years, we have been trying not only to expand the range of products, but also to improve the quality of our products. Firstly, a factory for finishing of grey fabrics was established, later production of grey fabrics was also set in TASHTIB-TEX, the fleet of dyeing and finishing equipment was updated, new directions of textile production were opened, the fleet of machines was expanded and more jobs were created.

Today, TASHTIB-TEX is not a narrow-profile textile factory, but rather a multifunctional textile production, which produces a wide range of textile products, both for export and the domestic market of Uzbekistan.

Below are described the main stages of development of our enterprise, which reflect the general tendency to continuous improvement of TASHTIB-TEX.

·  2007. Establishment of Uzbek-Russian joint venture “TASHTIB-TEX” as a successor of the finishing factory of Tashkent Textile Mill “TTM”.

At its founding, the company specialized in finishing of grey fabrics made of coarse calico. Finishing equipment is adjusted and modernized based upon market demand.

· 2010. Replenishment of the equipment stock with STB weaving machines and Launching of our own weaving production.

In addition to finishing the gray cloth, the company begins to produce its own grey fabrics. TASHTIB-TEX produces more than 20 varieties of fabric in 2010.

· 2012. Modernization of dyeing and finishing production. Purchase of bleaching and smooth jet HT dyeing machines.

The company begins the modernization of dyeing and finishing production. By purchasing of new finishing equipment, it becomes possible to produce plain color dyed fabrics with a more accurate selection of colors.

· 2015. Launch of knitwear production at the enterprise.

TASHTIB-TEX begins knitwear production. Now, besides fabrics, it becomes possible to produce T-shirts, underpants, pajamas, home clothes. Production of knitwear under the brand name “TTT” begins.

· 2016. Launch of digital fabric printing machine (MS DIGITAL PRINT)

Digital printing machine is imported for the first time in Uzbekistan. The machine allows to apply a pattern of any complexity onto the fabric.

· 2017. Adjusting of digital printing application onto satin fabric

Application of digital printing onto satin fabric has been established. Our company has the ability to produce the best quality bedding, as well as produce fabrics for dresses, shirts and other apparel.

· 2019. Modernization of weaving equipment for production of stretch fabrics for subsequent application of denim prints and manufacture of finished products.

Foreign specialists are involved in the production as consultants. Upgrade of weaving equipment allowed to produce new fabrics. Today, TASHTIB-TEX produces cotton stretch fabrics that after applying a denim print can be used to sew jeans or trousers. As well as production of shirt fabrics is improved that can be used for sewing shirts.


Production capacities of TASHTIB-TEX LLC include the entire fabric production cycle from weaving to garments of finished products and considered as a unique vertically integrated production. The capacity of the weaving and finishing factory allows producing of 100 tons or 400 000 linear meters of finished fabrics per month.

Production equipment of TASHTIB-TEX LLC:

-Warping, slashing and winding machines (Russia)

- Weaving machines STB 180 and STB 330 (Russia).

- High pressure jet-dyeing machines ECODYE (BENEKS, Turkey).

- Line for continuous open width fabric washing after printing (Russia)

- Rotary printing machine (ELITEKS, Austria), Stork (Holland)

- Finishing calenders (RAMISCH KLEINEWEFERS, Germany)

- Stenter dryers Babcock (Germany) 

- Digital textile printing machine (MS, Italy)